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Programmatic Campaign Building

Relevance at Scale

As a startup with limited financial resources to spend on marketing, Vollo’s main concern was breaking even on their AdWords investment. At the same time they were, like all startups, interested in growth. We were therefore acutely aware of the need to deliver relevance at scale if their AdWords investment was to pay off.

Fortunately for us, we were able to leverage Vollo’s excellent technical setup, which made our job a lot easier. Working together with Vollo’s tech team, we were able to generate a list of all possible route combinations offered by Vollo’s partners. The result was a structured data set containing over 15k unique routes, together with price information for each route.

Having structured data was key as it allowed us to automate the campaign building process while at the same time ensuring relevance. While Excel is often the go-to tool for creating large AdWords campaigns, it can become frustratingly slow when working with large data sets (as was the case with Vollo). We therefore wrote a custom JavaScript program, which we ran locally using Node.js, to generate the campaigns. The output, with a few keystrokes, was 90k+ ad groups, each with an ad tailored to the specific route, including unique ticket price information.

The most time-consuming part of the project? Uploading the campaigns to AdWords.