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Smart Campaign Management

Gipote is Denmark's largest platform for buying and selling dogs. As with any classifieds site, ensuring content is up-to-date is key in order to ensure a good experience for both buyers and sellers. It is also key for site owners, as driving paid traffic to product pages with little or no inventory is invariably a waste of money.

Working together with Gipote's developers we were able to build a simple API that generated a dynamically updated list of each dog breed together with the number of active ads for each breed.

With this data in hand we had the most important piece of the puzzle. All that was left to do was to associate each breed with a specific campaign and determine a threshold for when to pause/activate the campaigns.

Fortunately, the job of programmatically updating AdWords is made extremely easy with AdWords scripts and with only a few lines of code we were able to write the necessary logic to create a smart campaign management system that automatically updates and pauses campaigns based on the number of ads for each breed.