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Certified Google Ads Specialists
with Focus on Your Business

Areas of expertise


Google Search

Using custom-built campaign building and analytics software, we can help you build and maintain profitable search campaigns.

Display Annoncering

Display Advertising

Create brand awareness by leveraging Google’s Display Network which reaches over 90% of internet users.



Are potential customers already aware of your brand? We can help you target the individuals most likely to convert using intelligent remarketing campaigns.

Youtube Annoncering

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the world's second largest search engine with billions of daily views. If you have video content we can help you reach the right audience at the right time.

Google Shopping Feeds

Google Shopping

Shopping now drives more e-commerce sales than traditional search campaigns. From feed management to campaign execution we can help you create a successful Shopping strategy.

Google Analytics

Tracking & Google Analytics

We can help ensure that your tracking is set up correctly so you can identify the marketing channels that are most profitable for you.

A selection of our clients



Patrick T. Rasmussen
CMO, Dinero has helped raise our Google Ads to a higher level and has delivered an impressive increase in new customers.

Karim Ben M'Barek
Adm. Direktør, Washa has helped us scale up our AdWords. Within the space of a few months they have doubled the number of new users and at the same time reduced our CPA.

Ida Nielsen
Executive Producer, Verdensballetten has helped us build a solid foundation for our online marketing activities. We have gained insight into how our different marketing channels perform and that has raised our marketing to a new level.


Smart Campaign Management

Keeping AdWords campaigns updated with your Website can be a tedious task. Learn how we automated this task by using a simple API and Google scripts.

Programmatic Campaign Building

Using a combination of structured data and custom built campaign software we helped Vollo dramatically increase their traffic, and revenue, overnight.

Custom tools
Created & powered by

Creating structured AdWords campaigns can be a time-consuming and tedious task. With you can build professional AdWords campaigns in seconds.

Smart keyword management tool for Google AdWords. Create and manage keyword lists for multiple clients from a single location using

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